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Two bedroom apartment Plovdiv
17 pictures
68 sq m office on floor 1st, to rent in town center - youth house.more
280 €
280 € 2956
Studio Apartment Plovdiv
15 pictures
For rent. Furnished masardna studio apartment in the town center - area of Saedinenie Square.more
LET OUT154 €
154 € LET OUT2721
Office Plovdiv
2 pictures
A new furnished luxury ground floor 22 sq m office in Plovdiv to the court. more
LET OUT128 €
128 € LET OUTnv2342
One bedroom apartment Plovdiv
9 pictures
Luxury one bedroom 64 sq m apartment to rent OF Plovdiv Yuzhenmore
LET OUT225 €
225 € LET OUTnv3385
Two bedroom apartment Plovdiv
10 pictures
For rent. Two bedroom furnished apartment on floor 1 in Marasha - rowing base.more
LET OUT260 €
260 € LET OUT3360
One bedroom apartment Plovdiv Smirnenski
12 pictures
For rent. Furnished one bedroom apartment on floor 2 in a new building in Smirnenski.more
LET OUT200 €
200 € LET OUT3034
Office Plovdiv Kapana
17 pictures
Office to rent 85 sq m new luxury in Kapana. It consists of three premises with a common terrace to lively street.more
LET OUT250 €
250 € LET OUTnv2835
Apartment Plovdiv
36 pictures
Luxury, furnished, a 4 room apartment to rent on floor 1 - tall in the centre of Plovdiv (grape market).more
LET OUT500 €
500 € LET OUT2799
Two bedroom apartment Plovdiv
9 pictures
Furnished two bedroom apartment to rent on floor 9 with elevator in Karshiyaka.more
LET OUT231 €
231 € LET OUT2796
Mansard Apartment Plovdiv Tsentar
7 pictures
Obzavedena mansard apartment to rent at Plovdiv - centre, Leonardo DaVinchi St..more
LET OUT144 €
144 € LET OUT3890
House Floor Plovdiv
15 pictures
House floor (2nd) 180 sq m, unfurnished, to rent in town center - Dzhumayata.more
LET OUT256 €
256 € LET OUT2528
Studio Apartment Plovdiv
5 pictures
For rent. Furnished studio apartment, floor 5, elevator, Plovdiv, Karshiaka.more
LET OUT164 €
164 € LET OUT3122
Apartment Plovdiv
5 pictures
Furnished with stylish Furniture in good condition 4 - room apartment with South facing, on floor 3rd in town center.more
LET OUT220 €
220 € LET OUTnv2638
Restaurant Plovdiv
11 pictures, 1 plan
Restaurant (shop) 44 sq m of Plovdiv Main Street. A big display. The price is including VAT.more
LET OUT700 €
700 € LET OUT3575
One bedroom apartment Plovdiv Zhk Trakia
6 pictures
Furnished one bedroom new apartment to rent, on floor 2nd in Trakia residential complex.more
LET OUT200 €
200 € LET OUT2993
Two bedroom apartment Plovdiv, Tsentar
3 pictures
For rent. Furnished apartment with 2 bedrooms, Plovdiv, centermore
231 €
231 € nv3018
Two bedroom apartment Plovdiv
14 pictures
Two bedroom furnished apartment to rent, on floor 1st in Karshiyaka - area of Maritza hotelmore
LET OUT333 €
333 € LET OUT2962
One bedroom apartment Plovdiv
7 pictures
For rent. One bedroom furnished apartment: living room, bedroom, kitchen. Vastanicheskimore
154 €
154 € nv3045
One bedroom apartment Plovdiv

One bedroom unfurnished apartment in a new building, to rent, on floor the 1st at the foot of the old town - against Holy Sunday.more
LET OUT154 €
154 € LET OUT3014
One bedroom apartment Plovdiv Mol
7 pictures
One bedroom apartment to rent to MOL Plovdiv.more
LET OUT154 €
154 € LET OUTnv3459
Studio Apartment Plovdiv

Furnished studio apartment on floor 1st in the area of medical University and Electrical and Electronics School.more
LET OUT179 €
179 € LET OUT3091
Studio Apartment Plovdiv
5 pictures
Unfurnished apartment of two rooms and kitchenette with luxury kitchens on floor 3 in Karshiyaka.more
LET OUT154 €
154 € LET OUTnv2658
Studio Apartment Plovdiv Vihvp
5 pictures
Furnished studio apartment on floor 3rd in town center - area of VIHVP.more
LET OUT154 €
154 € LET OUTnv2970
Two bedroom apartment Plovdiv
9 pictures
Furnished two bedroom apartment to rent, on floor 5 with elevator in Karshiyaka - area of the Novotel Plovdiv.more
LET OUT300 €
300 € LET OUT2988

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