House, Vetrino, Bulgaria

House in the village of Yagnilo 60 km away from Varna in poluplaninski area.

The house is single storey on two levels built by brick, and healthy stone the ground.
1St level: two rooms, stone cellar;
2Nd level: three rooms, closet;
There are yard 2,3 decare divided by two the plot with outbuildings and with two faces of the main streets. The House is located near pine forest with an excellent Panorama.
Yagnilo located 60 km west of Varna and 40 km away from loud. Is situated in small valley enclosed everyside with hills, which gives it zhivopisen and sound species. The climate in the summer is a warm, but not hot and the winter is relatively soft, with copious, but calm snow. In a radius of 30 km, there is no industrial establishments polluting the air, which is why it is extremely clear and favourable for the treatment of lung diseases. Grown be very agricultural crops. Developed's livestock production. In Yagnilo passes small river, and in close proximity there are two major the dam, with the possibility of fishing. In the village there are a few large sinks with permanent running water.
The village is clear, with asphalted streets and all communications.
Price 12 360 € O
+359/  0897337818; 052520983
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