Plots, S.Krumovo, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

63 parcels with different areas, status and prices to airport Plovdiv, village of Krumovo.
The part of them status issue is replaced destined for the construction of logistics centres, warehouses, hotel and restaurant complexes and others in order use of the possibilities of the airport and maintenance of pasazherskia stream.
From m August 2009 at the airport funktsionir new terminal in order to expand the possibilities like his second airport of Sofia.
Prices of the plots of 10 €/sq m to 35 €/sq m.

Location and business opportunities
International Airport Plovdiv is located 10 km southeast of Plovdiv, near the village Krumovo and to the main road Plovdiv - Asenovgrad. Of a kilometre from airport terminal has rail stop of railway line Plovdiv - Asenovgrad. Of Town of Plovdiv to the airport reached for 15 minutes by car. The distance to the capital, Sofia is only 130 km, as on the highway this distance put BiH irreversibly for about an hour and a half. The Best Bulgarian Alpine ski resorts Pamporovo and Borovets are situated respectively 60 and 90 km away from the airport.

The airport was found in 1981. Serves passenger, cargo and business flights. Often, for closures at Sofia Airport for fog reason or another, plovdivskata airport shall adopt trafficking of the metropolitan and provides bus and coach transport of passengers of all the international carriers.

During the winter and in the summer season airport Plovdiv carried out seasonal Charter and cargo flights on programmes of tour operators to Copenhagen and Malta and daily Charter tourist flights for Bulgarian ski resorts Pamporovo and Bansko. Shall be multiple flights to London, Manchester, Birmingan, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Hurgada, Cairo, Monastir, Moscow and other cities of Russia and former Soviet republics.

Than 1995 g of airport Plovdiv shall be carried out international aviation festival "sky for all". The date of the event is 6th September - day of the Union of Bulgaria and official holiday of Town of Plovdiv. A large part of the programme of the festival is attractive show - spectacular air international demonstrations of avioasove of Bulgaria, Greece, the United States, Serbia, Turkey, France, Great Britain.
From 1991 in the complex of vertoletna airbase to the airport exist Museum of aviation.

The airport Plovdiv Fair began a major extension to 40 million leva - put into action a new passenger terminal, which there are two times greater capacity and will be 500 million passengers a year, a big parking for 300 vehicles treatment plant and adjoining infrastructure. First groundbreaking was made on 23 February 2009. The new building will may already met on 1000 people of hour at 250 passengers by now. Provided is the construction of new four for aircraft aprons (so number will reach 12) and a new path.

With the new extension of the airport are expected to start regular flights on three destinations - England, Spain and Germany, where there is greatest concentration of Bulgarian immigrants. The Irish have chosen airport Plovdiv, since it fulfils the most of philosophy their - quick bus and coach transport to the capital, to resorts and the historical monuments.

Land in the land of village of Krumovo of a few years bought - in of foreign and Bulgarian investituri. Still in 2002, the management of an airport Frankfurt prepare a draft investments in the Bulgarian airport. Krumovo (a message of Deputy Prime Minister Nikolay Vassilev after meeting with Prime Minister of the province Hessen Roland Koh. Than 19.11.02)

Expected to the nearest future the vicinity of the airport in Krumovo to become a regional logistics centre for goods and tourist complexes for maintenance of pasazherskia stream.

Foresighted investors invest capital advantageous now, for them to return investments repeatedly in the near future.
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