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A business card on the author of a book "200 questions, 200 responses for real estate"

Dipl. Eng. Maria Gadzhova - doctor pedagogic sciences, lecturer to operational programme "development of human resources" 2007 - 2013, funded by the European Union and towards national programme for the training of brokers in key competences of the profession. Carried out intra - corporate and individual training. Lecturer on the problems of psychology of success, consultant of European projects, obuchitel in workshops of topics relating to the management of image, corporate culture, business label and Protocol. Author of 2 books and multiple articles in the mass media in these areas. In stamp's and the new book "communication in business environment ', and in predpechatna preparation -" International Business label. "

From the author
As the owner of real estate firm from 1991 with the problems reflected in this book, deal almost every day in contacts with clients from different age and social groups, in my work with brokers - intermediaries in real estate deals. Answer their questions contained in this book. Chitatelskiyat interest of the first book (" 100 questions, 100 responses for real estate ') was extremely large and circulation is exhausted fast and public demand and request continue.
This led me to write the new book. In her attempt has been made the information to be comes more complete, more ambitious, more accessible and competent, as a theoretical base serve our legislation, and in examples - my professional and life experience.
The book is fortified and with winged thinks wisdom and folk umotvorenia related to the business, laws and life. Of them, we could draw wisdom and experience, come from the centuries to these days to be our daily communication with the customers a richer, more fresh, more catchy, more convincing.
I think the new edition again will help brokers - intermediaries in real estate deals in the country, effectively to exercise the mediation business. Will also help of each Bulgarian, who wishes to enrich their culture in the field of real estate to know when and how to acquire private property, how to protect and rule it.
Of 324 pages in the book they found answer 211 questions, distributed in 11 chapters:
* legal concepts and activities with the immovable property (property, property during marriage and after him, joint holdership, authorisation, notary, contractual relations, weights of the property, Cadastre, buildings);
* the choice of home - life philosophy and quality of life;
* dispose of immovable property (sale of property, will, heritage, that tell you anything, donation);
* employment and rental of property to rent;
* new construction;
* agricultural land and forests;
* the Internet and trade in immovables;
* real estate agencies - guarantor of the legal protection of the client;
* the protection of the individual and property rights (quickly proceedings on lawsuits, our rights and protection as members of the European Union);
* good to know;
* edge developments;
* Annex.
I would very much like this book to be useful in work and in life.
Maria Gadzhova

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