Plot with planning permission, Ruen, Bulgaria

With planning permission parcels with different area for the surname housing in holiday village, village of Ruen 18 km away from Plovdiv in Rodopskata collar. Sunny, hot plot among space and fresh air. Magnificent Panorama to the mountain. The complex is on area 20 800 sq m.
May be negotiated and for the purchase of the whole field of the settlement.

Price 22 €/sq m.

Dimensions of the plots indicated on the drawings above:

I -92 ............. -0.910 sq m
Ii -92 which she took -1357,9 sq m
Iii -92 ... -1766,6 sq m
Iv -92 which she took -1766,2 sq m
V -92 ............. -0.724, 6 sq m
Vi -92 which she took -1347,1 sq m
Vii -92 ... -1286,3 sq m
Viii -92 straw. -1068,5 sq m
Ix -92 ............ -0.975, 3 sq m
Xi -155 ... -1808,1 sq m
Xii -155 straw. -1058,3 sq m
Xiii -155 straw. -. 963, 7 sq m
Xiv -155 straw. -1452,6 sq m
Xv -155 which she took -. 697, 5 sq m
Xvi -155 ... -. 837, 1 sq m
Xvii -155 straw. -. 978, 2 sq m
Village of Ruen is pinned inside my vest in the folds of Lesopark Rodopi, which extends the area of 23 decare with 4 kurortno - tourism nuclei: chalet "case", letovishtata Koprivkite, Studenets, white Church. In hotels and weekend stations, in private villas and the cabins of lesoparka, is made up significant supporting bed base - about 2000 beds. Opportunities for tightness of construction are large. Politics is to be built visokokvalitetni hotels. Letovishte white Church will be formed as 1st class Ski Centre with 7 new runways responsible global standards with a total length of more than 10 km. The area's with above sea level from 700 to 1700 m.

6 km away from village of Ruen at 450 m above sea level, among beautiful nature, is the monastery "Saints Cosmas and Damian" built in XI century simultaneously with Bachkovskia monastery. Over the centuries the monastery was hub of the national stationery and culture. In the old Church thereto, are reserved valuable mural. Was declared monument of culture with national matter. In the immediate vicinity thereof is "Ayazmoto", with whose waters are being treated nervous diseases. The monastery "Saints Cosmas and Damian", together with the four the monastery situated in the next municipality Asenovgrad, constitute a wonderful tourist distinatsia.

2 km away from the village at 450 - 500 m above sea level is located Ruenskoto Lake. Is situated among beautiful nature in the foothills pine forest. Built is restaurant complex with bit interior and swimming pool. Complex is visited by hundreds of citizens of the region. There are opportunities for sports and recreational fishing. Stand for building the hotel.

To live among calm and free mountain nature and, at the same time, near a place as Plovdiv's dream option in today's dynamic time. The investment is worth it.
Price on application €5.14 acre   ( 20 800 sq m ) O
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