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Honourable owners, menadzheri and employees of firms, consultants, brokers, footage of organisations and administrations, and all who want to enrich their culture in communications and to successfully implemented in business environment, to be useful of society, of the company in which they work and of their families.

Before you is my new book 'Do you know everything about business the label?'
If you want to the State, to do more a good impression on business contacts and achieve the desired results in its activity, it is good to rule of heft the rules of business the label and the Protocol. In combination with your professionalism, they will help you otkroite of competition on Bulgarian and the international market. 'in today's globalised world the quality of business and the life is becoming increasingly urgent to resolve task. "( Henry Kissinger)
Business label is set of rules of conduct in business environment. In the book will find an answer to questions as psychology of the day - to - day business contacts, national and European rules of corporate and social culture, approaches and methods for the management of image, communication in Bulgarian and international environment.
Of 230 pages are developed 7 chapters: communication in business environment; communication skills; business and official meetings, signs celebrations and events; Neverbalna communication; business clothing and accessories; Bulgarian features of communication; business communications with foreign partners and cultural dimensions of the world peoples.
At the end of each chapter of the book are used winged thinks aforizmi and wisdom of minds in the world and of the peoples of centuries to emphasise the significance of communication and behaviour of the identity of the most so long ago to these days.
This is a book about those who knows that will benefit when they strategy for development, and not for survival.

Honourable readers, I would very much like this book to be a daily useful in work and life - for personally, public and business prosperity.
Maria Gadzhova

A business card on the author:
Dipl. Eng. Maria Gadzhova - doctor pedagogic sciences, ends "Electronics ', and later and computing machinery' in VMEI - Sofia. Working on your major in industry, and after that, as a teacher. Of 1991 is owner of firm for mediation in real estate deals" Trakia "EOOD, Plovdiv. There are numerous publications in specialised Bulgarian and international publications and in the mass media. Lecturer is to operational programme" development of human resources "2007 -2013, funded by the European Union and towards national programme for the training of brokers in key competences of the profession. Carried out intra - corporate and individual training. Lecturer on the problems of psychology of success, consultant of European projects, obuchitel in workshops of topics relating to the management of image, corporate culture, business label and Protocol. Author of 3 books, the first two in the field of real estate, and the latter's" You know everything about business the label? ". In predpechatna preparation is and new book:" Do you know the international business label? "

The author carried out daylong training courses on the topic "business communications and label." for inclusion in the programme and for additional information may call telephones: 032/262 -555, 586 - 225, 0878263711, 0889650711.

To the same phones may order the purchase of the book: 'Do you know everything about business the label? "of price 10 leva.
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+359/  0889 650 711; 032 262 555
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