Restaurant, Maglizh, Bulgaria

Sold be working singlehighway restaurant with mines market to him, TIR carnet parking with bath and toilet. Everything issued with a Certificate of Completion 16.10 km away from Kazanluk and 20 km away from Stara Zagora on the path Turkey Europe and direction Burgas. Area of the property 3000 sq m, as zastroenata his area is 486 sq m involving
Retail winter hall of the restaurant 120 sq m with 80 seats, summer 180 sq m terrace with 120 seats with built barbecue, mines market 30 sq m and TIR carnet parking located 2500 sq m.
Restaurant's professional bugged. The kitchen is equipped with all types of household appliances including konvektomat, full set ware and utensils, aspiration miyachno room with dishwasher and vats for manual washing.
New health registration and all the work permits. Toilets are excellent with predveria, mirrors, washbasins, and dryers. Vodozahranvaneto's central but there are also own with hidrofor.
Locker room for staff, storage premises, office with video surveillance on the subject together with TIR carnet the lot.
Restaurant is built on new in 2008 at the place of old existing restaurant than 30 years ago.
Restaurant allows the commencement of work without additional investments.
Price 153 390 €3 000 sq m   ( 32 292.0 sq ft ) U
+359/  0889 613940; 032 262555
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