Photos, Kotki, Bulgaria


Amazing breed, laughing permanent from 3 - 4 months of age.
Note: to not given ganja, because of them and they is fun.

Adult of Smeeshta cat.

Heating - sticking out cat

The loan random wavery forms. With the end of otoplitelnia period goes into summer dream, but as heat up again the radiators cat awaken. Uniformly purring is spreading in home along with the heat.


Without comment; -)

Reggae cat

Likes reggae and clothes which are not and in measure. Respond only to \ "ganja! \" very a peaceful and friendly cat. In the voice of Bob Marley begins rocking and sometimes animalgoing in trans.

An Israeli Delicious

Nothing soothes this cat as wad of money. Likes to breaks free of galeshtite hands and to be hiding in the nearest casino or nightclub.

Cat - mouse

Thanks to the implant successfully replaced by the mouse of the computer. Capable and to carry out maintenance room translatsia of rechevi commands. Shortcomings: the situation of that cursor depends on the mood of the animal. Of the picture: cat - mouse rest after work in photoshop.

Cat bandit

Easy train quiet and unnoticed to robbing banks. Irreplaceable is for saizvarshitel if need to penetrate into impenetrable areas. Positive features: of questioning shall not issue accomplices.


Very small in size cat. Has a special hygroscopicity - provided in a volume of liquid, she absorbs without residue occupying the exempted area. Of all liquids prefers the weak alcohols.

Cat face

Indispensable for security of different sites. Reaches weight of 15 kg. Is not gregarious and social adaptive. Except with exclusive force differs and with variability of the mood and a tendency towards aggression.

Cat programmer

He spent his life in front of the monitor. There and sleeping. Prefers to feed with chips and beer. With the meow can imitate the MoDem.

Cat naturalist

Shows a great interest to the other species of fauna and flora. Often happens and they have shown an interest in her.

Drug - cat

Breed is obtained at mutation in a result of regular consumption of narcotic drugs, therefore, is willing to drug addiction of any kind.

North drug - cat

North version of drug cat. Due to the poor quality of drugs in the northern countries, often animalgoing into withdrawal.

Golden you sloppy cat

Is usually in this condition. In the little time during which is active normally feed.

Another lyabima and not a particularly profound position of Razplutata cat.

Brown you sloppy cat

Cat eskimo

Inhabiting northern parts of Asia and North America.

Blue - Eyed cross - Eyed

Innate defect of this breed is particularly noticeable after eat, scratching and 48 - hour sleeping of the oven.


Prefers to live about sanitary units. Always be happy of foreign presence, as for them, this is an opportunity although and for little to change the cold of terracotta with the warm underwear. Often forget of time to get out of the clothes.

Cat dickhead

Perfect stupid cat. The whole day deals with meshugaas. To such an extent is not in a position to focus that the head and not know what makes ass and the attached to her leg.

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