House, Parvenets, Bulgaria

One - family luxury house in the skirts of Rhodope Mountains built 2005 year. The House is the property of a natural person. No mortgages for banks.
The place is very quiet and calm. The view is totally to Rhodope Mountains. There are neighbours only from the north side of the House.
Suitable for people who seek peaceful place, which is only 10 km away from the city. (Plovdiv). Place in which to draw energy and to have contact with nature, and to love the voice of the birds and cocks, to seek beautiful view to the mountain.
The court's 961 sq m - ozelenen with vegetation of 5 years, there is fitted 2 children swings with slide. The field is extremely equal. In the court has chapel St. Thanksgiving. Developed area of the House is 234 sq m separately has 70 sq m covered overhang of the north side of the House.
The heating is combined with one fireplace with a water jacket situated in the middle of the living room and boiler (working with diesel) - situated in the shade, combined 200 litre water heater with two serpentini and solar cells.
Wooden window frames with a double glass package. Wooden stairway of solid wood -17 feet and site.
The rail is wood.
The house has second reinforced concrete slab, which promotes the construction of another 2 Accommodation floors / to elevation +10,80 / - without additional structure.
The first ground floor: two garage, warehouse, toilets and overhang 70 sq m.
The first floor: 33,40 sq m living room, dining room 9,75 sq m, 8,65 sq m kitchen and two bedrooms one of which is with garderobno room, bath, foreign terrace, which is covered with the common roof. Barbecue and sink.
The approach to the second floor has wooden stairway / entirely in a massive tree / -17 feet and site. The rail is wood.
Second floor: family bedroom -23,50 sq m / east facing / bathroom -7 sq m and terrace -10,50 sq m.
Plot: 961 sq m.
Price 225 000 €234 sq m   ( 2 518.8 sq ft ) U
+359/  0889 613940; 032 262555
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