Vacation Complex, Elhovo, Bulgaria

Coon - tourist complex in the land of municipality Elhovo, Yambol region. Total 1970 sq m of construction area.
184,376 decare land, of which, with a particular status 4,376 decare.
The property is situated 55 km away from Yambol, 70 km away from Burgas, 200 km away from Varna and 230 km away from Istanbul.

In the complex includes:

- * two storey a massive building - dining room with kitchenette, with 170 sq m of construction area or total 340 sq m of construction area;
- * seven the number single deck bungalows with a common 240 sq m of construction area: 6 are 17,50 sq m built with timber and concrete floor, only one is 40 sq m is concrete and brick). Construction 1980.
- * building - coon - tourist holiday House with total 1350 sq m area, including three apartment four double rooms, two triple, room for training. Apartments and stateroom are fitted with total 6 units fireplaces.
- * pumping station with free space of 20 sq m. Vodozahranvaneto in the pumping station shall be carried out by pump model MT 12 x 4 with a capacity of 4 l/sec. The pump filled automatically reservoir with a capacity of 75 m3, of which is powered the mains.
- * Machtov transformer with free space of 20 sq m.
- * Dam - located in the borders of the property. Given is of a concession for 5 years.
Buildings are situirani in land with area of 4,376 decare with way of long-term uses - tourist base, and the common agricultural land to offered for sale property is approximately 180   decare (general terrain about 184,376 decare).

In a result of soil studies and physico - chemical analyses of National Centre for Agricultural Sciences, Institute of pochvoznanie "N.Pushkarov" it is established that agricultural land is the fifth category in irrigated conditions and its composition is suitable for the cultivation of fruit cereals and vines.
This property is located 300 m from the next.

The property has very good vazvrashtaem business potential for future use and development thanks to the excellent his assets: established status (hunting, fishing - tourism), layout - Planina, Montenegro, river, dam, near the town of Elhovo, built asfaltirana patnotransportna infrastructure, good environmental conditions opportunity for civil extension of buildings, etc.
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