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For the seminar "looking for a job? Will be presented in an interview? '

I. How to prepare for an interview
1. Information and practical training
2. Preparation of the required documents
- curriculum vitae (CVS) the European model
Structuring / sections
- Mr (side) letter
Main task
Important rules
- shaping of documents, style and release
Formalisation of tekstta
Use of font
Grammatical and punktuatsionni rules
Useful advice
Formalisation of documents according to the OBD system
- dispatch of the documents
3. Appearance of the applicant
4. Mental preparation

Ii. Label and Protocol during an interview
1. Minutes before the interview
2. First impression
Entry, greeting, Rakuvane, presentation, invitation,
Smile, contact with eyes, vision
4. Presentation (presentation)
5. Label of communication
6. Issues of interviewer's forehead
7. Questions of the applicant
8. End of the interview. Impressive finale

Iii. In bad label
Of applicants and of intervyuirashtata Commission

Iv. Practical guidelines:
A model for ready CV and for example covering letter
Price on application € U
+359/  0889 613940; 032 262555
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