House, Brezovo, Bulgaria

Solid built house of one floor with garage and a big yard (about 2 decare) in the village in the municipality of Brezovo.
The village is in the skirts of average Montenegro and the air is suitable for the treatment and prevention of respiratory and respiratory problems.
Micro dams in the area near the village.
The house has living room and pass-through kitchen (izolzhenie east - South), bedroom, closed summer terrace.
The house is sold furnished:
- in the living room: two angular beds, mass, display cabinet, TV, akumulirashta stove
- in kitchen: a refrigerator, washing machine Fagor, freezer stove of wood, sink;
- in the bedroom: two beds, stove, cloakrooms.
The heating is determined with stoves of wood and coal and electricity.
The main door is with a bullet - proof and wooden door.
The garage is the side of the House.
In Dora: ovoshki, asmi, outbuildings, a well, septic tank for gay waters.
Price 13 294 € 3025
Important notice