Hotel, Melnik, Bulgaria

Hotel in stingray of Pirin Mountains with total 1300 sq m of construction area in the area of town of melnick.
Plot in built-up area -3900 sq m.
A massive outbuilding intended for wine -500 sq m. Pool with dimensions 16/8 m.
Hotel part represents 20 rooms and 3 apartments
Pool functioning of 128 sq m. Tavern -350 sq m.
Summer overhang with barbecue and summer bar - hob -150 sq m in completed.

The complex is working with full reservations.
Exclusive investment with business development.

Skatan in the southwestern slopes of Pirin Planina melnick is the smallest city in Bulgaria. Was declared cultural and historical preserve and for town - Museum.
Melnick is a combination of incredible nature, legendary history, culture and wine ... Admiration cast rocks, massed on hills, sgushenite one above another White House with beautiful erkeri and quiet courts, sunken among the greenery and the sanityof always been glory. Ancient melnishki houses impress with his architecture, with cellars, with the arrangement, which demonstrates the Bulgarian sense of practicability and beauty.
The ancient Thracians the foundations here, and it becoming important economic and spiritual a place in kaldaramenite streets consistently be rotated in the footsteps of Slovenes, Bulgarians, Greeks, latini, Turks … unique is starinnata the atmosphere, which immersed every visitor in splendor of past centuries. Melnick's history and architecture.
Melnickis and wine. In the sand pyramids which it encompass the from all sides, are carved svoeobrazni killed in which mature, otlezhava and stored the famous melnishko wine. Hardly elsewhere has a similar technology. In neighbouring Turkey, as well as in the distant France and Spain are ape guano over the taste of this smooth, densely old wine.
The climate of the charming town is favourable for the treatment of pulmonary, renal and Rheumatic diseases.
Here are the most the dreaming terrestrial entities, chiseled of white loose SANDSTONE - Melnishkite pyramids. With currents of millennia the area of 17 square km erosion is izvayala this extraordinary world. With the power of the imagination can identify in them gigantic mushrooms, ancient towers, obeliski and very etc.
Not far from the town (6 km) is situated Rozhenskia monastery.
The city has enormous potential for development of tourism.
12 km away from Pernik passes the international auto and railway time Sofia - Athens.
Price 1 128 000 € U
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