Chalet, Dobrostan Rodopite, Bulgaria

Tourism complex "Martsiganitsa" is located in Dobrostanskia Rodopski massive at 1412 m above sea level.
The climate is relatively dirt.

Tourism property is built in 1973. Used as a government residence - base for seminars.

The complex is with total free space total free space of 4000 sq m. The area around the complex is than 21 399 sq m. In the territory of the complex be constructed 2 units ski facilities. There are approved project Detailed development plan with the permission of construction with 5527 sq m of construction area of four floor with 30% density or total total free space -30 000 sq m.

Total sell the following land and buildings:
І.Zemya - general 25 155 sq m.
Ii. Buildings:
1. Massive single storey building with 13 alone, rooms, 7,50 m height, lz -490 sq m. Construction - brick and dyalan stone.
2. Here, "Martsiganitsa" of four floors, lz -840 sq m, 3360 sq m total free space in which include:
And. Restaurant 150 seats with fireplace, banquet room with 25 seats with fireplace, kitchen unit with rooms for staff -3 units and storerooms -4 and room, camera for deep freezing, separate bathrooms for staff and to the guests of the restaurant. In the 60s of restaurant has external fireplace built is a new ventilation system for hot and cold, a new heating system with aluminium radiators and copper tubes.
Pub with 80 seats - available and with 4 alcoves built with facial stone, the floor is with a new porcelain stoneware tiles, separate bathrooms to the guests of the bar
B. Hotel part a drink with reception of 3 rooms;
- I floor -5 rooms pairs, room provided for steam and Roman bath, service spaces - boiler, electrical technicians, 2 warehouse for materials, aggregating with 100 kW must diesel aggregate, in and K facilities. Has the private entrance in the parking lot - lobby to the bar
- II floor - composed of 14 couples rooms and room for staff.
Between I and II floor has 2 rooms with its own balconies. The smallest is provided for hunting dining room with open fireplace -50 seats, and the biggest room with 100 places of 2 levels is for seminars and presentations. The two chambers are with oak parquet, to them has an after - sales room.
- III floor - it consists of apartment 1, 1 studio and 11 rooms pairs, room for housekeeping. The rooms are with oak parquet, and the corridor with porcelain stoneware tiles, fitted are new entry doors for bathroom.
- IV floor - composed of 4 apartments, as one is with great bath, vestibule, bedroom, living room with lam. Parquet, the other is with great vestibule -2 bedrooms with separate showers, living room with fireplace and land -2 angular balconies with 2 the entrance. The floor is oak parquet. The other 2 the apartment is coated with the wood. They shall consist of toilets, lobby, living room and bedroom - pass-through with oak parquet and access to the terrace.
Goodies of the whole building:
The facade is built with facial chump stone, there is decorative pano of ceramic which is unique without analogue. Where the stone are not visible is used isolation and mortar with mineral plaster. Certain parts of the building have wrapped with wooden panelling treated with specific materials, paints and varnishes. The building has 4 balconies, coated with porcelain stoneware tiles. Replaced are fully: external joinery with wooden triple she and staklopaket, the electrical and water supply installations, heating system (Copper tubes and aluminum radiators), the boiler with a new Italian, combined for solid fuel, oil and gas. Spent's cable and Internet wiring, as well as for security system and video surveillance - external and internal.

Closest locations: village of Dobrostan of 4 km - tarmac road, Asenovgrad -33 km, 'hare airport Plovdiv -38 km.

The area of the tourist complex is located in botanicheskiyat preserve "red wall" (area of 3029 hectares) declared in the global network of biosferni reserves of the UN. The area's with ancient conifers and broadleaves forests.

In the reservation shall keep rare and endangered plant species, of which 38 are recorded in the red book of endangered plants. One of the interesting flowers is the cult flower of Thrace (Silivryak - Herbeleas Rodopensis). It owns property anabioza - State in which life processes are minimised. Povyahnalo, dried of drought, after watering be reanimates again - symbol of resurrection. According to the legends the flower is born from the blood of Orpheus.

To "red wall" is located and reservation of animal species "Karamush" - deer, deer, wild goats, boar, bears, big Eagles. Here are established 149 species of poultry from which 47 species are included in the red book hunting is banned in both the reservation..
The area is karstov with many caves and diversified landscapes.
These assets enable preserve to be visited by many ornithologists and of the birds from speliolozi - cavemen to carry out descents with research and tourist purpose.

The area is connected and religious tourism. Here are two of the biggest religious sanctuaries in Bulgaria, which attract thousands of tourists and pilgrims:
- Bachkovskiyat monastery, founded in 1083 - the most poseshtavaniyat of the Balkan Peninsula, with where icon of Holy Mother of God Church, brought here in 1311.
- Christian center "Krastova forest" with it are impact. Legend says here in 4 century was buried a fraction of Hristovia cross. Brave Christians moved him in Rhodope Mountains and buried in this place to do not fall in Turkish hands. This legend gives and the name "Krastov peak."
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