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And. Procedural issues

1. Election of a lawyer

The buyer must employ a lawyer to help him and to represent him.

2. Election of notary

The choice of notary is necessary, as any contract associated with the purchase of property to be valid, must be drawn up in the presence of notary. The notary not represent the interests of the buyer. He / she is a civil servant, in the presence of whom the contract is read, understood by both sides and signed. The notary shall prepare a draft of the Treaty and is responsible for certification and registration of the deal in public registers, so that the buyer to receive Title Deed / contract / for the property.

3. Receipt of a copy of the Title Deed and carrying out a little research in the mortgage register.

The buyer must receive from the seller the Title Deed. This can happen with the help of a lawyer. After this obligation is the lawyer to seek the Title Deed in the registers of mortgages. This demand is necessary to ensure that

• the seller has an absolute ownership of the property
• no burdens on property
• all taxes are paid by the seller
• construction is carried out in accordance with all permits for planning and construction

To the conclusion of the contract come only after the Title Deed is sure.

4. Issue of number in the tax register

The buyer must be issued number in the tax register, unless he already has one, so he can to proceed with the deal / contract - bank account / ndr apply and shall be issued by the Office in revenue.

5. Payment of tax transfer

Tax transfer we have to pay in local office of the revenue by the buyer before signing of the contract. This is done with the help of a lawyer.

6. Signing the contract

To be valid the Treaty he should be read, understanding of both Parties and signed in the presence of notary.

7. Structure and content of the report

A.Vseki Treaty has a specific number given by the notary and compilation date. This is the identification number of the property in combination with the number allocated by the Office on the registration.

B.Dannite of the Parties, which concludes the contract: full name, first name social security, tax registration number, address and occupation.

V.Imotat shall be described in detail / size, borders /, as in the description shall include architectural elements of the topographic diagram. In this case mentioned and all the previous acts, the number of contracts and registration numbers, title deeds of ownership.

G.Sled this report the declaration of the seller who sold the property and describes the price, the conditions for the payment of that price in the case is not paid immediately, at the time of signature of the Treaty.

D.Prodavachat ensure that prodadeniyat property have no obligations

It is. In this way, the buyer acquiring the property of the seller and the seller refuses from any rights under cancellation of the transaction.

ZH.Notariusat shall submit copies of tax paid on the transfer, as well as the declared value.

Note - tax office shall determine objective value (i.e. The minimum / of the property, separate from the agreed price. If the agreed price is above objective value, the tax on the transfer, who be paid by the buyer, depends on the upper. If the agreed price is less than its objective value, the tax will depend on objective value.

Finally, the notary certifies that the deal is concluded under the laws and briefly the report relevant laws and formal statements of the parties to the contract.


A.Dogovorat shall be drawn up only in the Greek language in one original, who always remains in the archives of the notary, one officially copy, which is registered in the office of registrations and the buyer obtain as many copies as he / she wants, as payable proportional fee. If the buyer wants, he / she may hire translator which vows and translated orally, word for word, the Treaty of Greek in the language of the alien. Finally of the Treaty the interpreter declares that he / she is translated correctly and fully understand that in the Treaty foreign buyer and shall be signed for this in the Treaty. Further the buyer has the opportunity to obtain a copy and for its own account to give it for translation in the Office for translation services to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or it may be translated from a lawyer who knows the language of the alien.

B.Stranite sign only the prototype of the Treaty.

In. To the time of signing the Contracting Parties must have the legal documents which to prove the individual identity of the representative, in the case that the buyer's firm.

G.Sdelkata ends not only with the procedure to the notary, and with registration in the office of registrations.

D.Sled signature of the Treaty the notary shall register the deal at the local mortgage register.

8. Conduct transfer in the mortgage register

The lawyer of the buyer must ensure that ownership is transferred of the name of the buyer, taking the corresponding certificate of mortgage register.

What expenses should salaries the buyer?

In order to carry out the deal, the buyer should cover the following expenses:

Solicitor's fees: he depends on the value of zakupenia property, reaches 1% of the value to 44,020 euros plus 0,5% for values over 44,020 euros. This fee shall be paid to the lawyer for this, that is, represent the buyer and not include the procedure laid down in the survey, or other legal advice given of the buyer.

Notary fee: 1,2% of the value of the property +500 euros for a copy of the Treaty.

A fee transfer: plashtase in the local tax office and shall be 9% of the value for amounts to EUR 15,000 plus 11% of amounts over 15,000 euros. In areas where no department fire protection these figures fall to 7% and 9% respectively.

Mortgage register: the levy to be paid in the mortgage a register of reaching 0,5% of the price recorded in the Title Deed.

Note: if the property is authorised for construction until 1/1 / 2006.

Fee for the agent in immovable property: depends on the arrangement between agent and the buyer.

Value added tax (VAT /: 19% of the value of the property, recorded in the Title Deed in the purchase.

Is there any annual costs associated with ownership of property?

The annual costs of taxes in Greece are limited to:

• local municipal tax: municipal tax is from 2.5% to 3.5% of the determined value of the property, and is included in the bill for electric power
• annual property tax: the owners paid annual tax on its property only if its value exceed the sum of EUR 243,000. The tax is from 0.3% to 0.8% of the value of the property.

What constitutes a "estimated value" and what is the point of her?

'calculated "or" objective "value of the property is the minimum adopted value for the purpose of the deal determined by the State which depends on location of the property. These values are calculated from the notary and from the office of revenue for each individual property and are based on public data relating to the price per square metre, as well as other specific characteristics linked to the position of the property and other factors.

How be made secure ownership of the property in Greece?

Ownership of real estate in Greece be made secure of government service, called register of mortgages. There are kept the title deeds, where be registered all burdens on property. Property shall be entered in the names of the owners and lawyers have the right to examine ownership of every person or company. There is made examination of the Title Deeds order to see whether there's actions, claims or burdens on the property. Examination of the acts also indicates whether the property has been correctly transferred. This is always the time of conclusion of the contract.

B. Financing and other financial operations

How can transfer sums from my country to pay for the property?

This can be done by regular Bank translation of your account in account in Greece / your or of a third person /. Advise the buyers to document officially any amounts which are imported for the purchase of property to may, in the event of subsequent sale of the property, the amounts to be repatriated.

How can find a bank account?

This can happen as give in the bank photocopy of his passport, work and home address, telephone number and certificate of residence issued by the administrative authorities.

In the case of a bank account in addition to the above elements required the presence of at least one of the persons concerned.

Can I take out a loan to purchase property in Greece?

Greek banks are well developed and offer a variety of funding programmes. They have branches all over the world, and many international banks have branches in Greece. Financing, with a view to purchase property in Greece, can be arranged as of Greek bank and the International Bank with branch in Greece.

Is there VAT in Greece?

Yes, there is VAT, for purchased goods and services at a rate of 19%.

And insurance of the property?

The property is insured by insurance companies. Insurance contracts cover all possible damage, i.e. Fire, an earthquake, natural disasters, storm, theft, obligations of third persons etc. The amounts of the insurance normal be collected of two years, although annual instalments also be adopted. Insurance of the property is not mandatory, but required by financial institutions which mortgaging the property.

In. Necessary documents for the citizens of the European Union

Natural or legal persons of Greek nationality, including from Cyprus, persons with ethnic Greek nationality, or citizens of the EU / Article 26 Part 1, No 1892/1990 /, must submit the following documents to the designated inspection Commission in the local prefecture, where the property stands:

Natural persons:

• an application accompanied by a brief village of V. Of the person concerned, describing the purpose of the request and a brief description of the property.

• residence authorisation or other document clearly describing the intention of the applicant to provide services or work / Residence authorisation of EU citizens, who intend to live and provide services in Greece, shall be issued pursuant to Presidential Decree 525/1983, and residence authorisation of EU citizens, who intend to provide work, shall be issued pursuant to Presidential Decree 499 (b 1987 l

• identification documents, a valid passport or other documents that prove nationality.

Legal persons:

• the application must include the purpose of the request, as well as a brief description of the property.

• in the case of a general or limited Partnership requires a copy of the identification documents of the partners.

• requires evidence of association of the company and for registration in the commercial register

• requires a list with the full name and current address of the members of the board, a full description of posts them and copies of their identification documents.

• require be documents for legal representation of the company / by the Protocol on board or authorisation /

• require be financial statements of previous years

• required document, that is not declared bankruptcy

• required and of a document which proves the structure of the share capital, or the partners of a private company or the shares of company with limited liability.

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