A Residential area, Tryavna, Bulgaria

Dream of a new home in the comfort of am running for the hills? Come invest now!

Gated community complex with 19 family - style single deck houses with five types of allocations on total area of the village of 10 800 sq m.
Attractive location at the foot of Stara Planina 2,5 km away from the centre of the tourist city Tryavna and caller of major cities Gabrovo (20 minutes) and Veliko Tarnovo (30 minutes).
A unique view to Stara Planina and to the top Buzludzha and Shipka. Sunny, quiet and calm place, surrounded by wooded area. Here can enjoy the coolness of the summer and of the clean mountain air through all the seasons of the year.

Convenient and comfortable environment for all year round residence.

Gated be built on individual architecturai project, all houses are with South facing. High - quality construction implementation.
* construction of houses - a massive, without the outer a concrete slab;
* wooden roof with beautiful wooden strehi, coated with full issue BRAMAC;
* high quality brown PVC joinery;
* garage to each house;
* warm and waterproofing with materials conforming to the European quality standards;
* ceilings and walls - latex;
* floors - offset;
* porch - porcelain stoneware tiles;
* toilet and Banja - ceramic tiles and terracotta;
* in each house - local steam wiring, as in 10 of the houses - boiler, and in other fireplace with a water jacket.

Gated has with:

* its own transformer;
* its own water source (-);
* sewage with its own biological treatment plant for 100 people;
* foreign plumbing;
* pumping station;
* foreign electricity;
* vertical layout;
* parking lots to owners and to the guests;
* green areas around 5 530 sq m;
* common fence;
* 24i7, local security system and a limited access of external people
* parkovo lighting; * streets, sidewalks.


* offers be flexible scheme of payment.

Sold as the complex or part thereof and separate houses.

The starter deadline June 2010.

Town of Tryavna is situated podnozhie of Trevnenska Planina 20 km east of Gabrovo. 1000 m above sea level.

Arises in 12 century with the name "Tarnava". In Trevnenskia Balkan in 1192, Bulgarian kings Asen and Peter razgromyavat troops of Emperor Isaak II Angel. In honour of this sounding victory is built the "Saint Michael the Archangel." at the moment, it is one of the oldest Orthodox churches in central Bulgaria.

In the revival Tryavna forms, as prosperous economic and cultural - an enlightened centre. Develop be ikonopista, carving, dyulgerstvoto. In 1839 establishes the second secular School in Bulgaria. In it teaches prominent Bulgarian writer, publicist and an enlightened functionary Petko Slaveykov, and later, his son - ingenious poet's Slaveykov.
Birthplace and of Angel cartoon,
Today Tryavna is known reservation of vazrozhdenskata architecture and trevnenskata ikonopisna School. Preserved is the genuine nature of the houses of the past, of rezbarskite workshops and dyukyani with the roofs of the stone tablets. Function house - museums: Daskalovata house, Slaveykovata house, Raykovata house, old School Museum of the icon specialised Museum of rezbarskoto and etnografsko arts, Museum of the Asian and African art, the famous clock tower of the town (1814), etc. Tryavna is the city of the 100 national tourist the site of the Bulgarian tourism Union.

Today town of Tryavna is completely different and ozelenen. Virgin eco pririda in combination with all necessary for modern way of life allows for active creative and business activity and meaningful poivka. Combination, which rarely is already a meeting in today's tense dynamic life.
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