Three storey house, Kazanlashko, Bulgaria

A unique three storey house with an atmosphere of Palace. If you are looking for cozy and spacious home to place, which combines beautiful nature, purity, peace and is close to the many cultural and natural landmarks, will find him here in the valley of roses, in the foot of the main Balkan.
Quick and easy can get everything in okolonostta:
- mineral complex in town of Pavel bath -15 km;
- Shipka memorial Church and monument -5 km;
-- Monument Buzludzha -10 km;
- Dam silken floss -10 km;
- The Valley of roses and Trakiyskata tomb -3 km;
- The nearest town of Kazanlak - about 14 km away with the giant aqua park Waterland.

Sights away from the property are exciting. The layout of the House and the balconies provide an opportunity for 360 - degree space to the many landmarks - pink and lavandulovi fields the field of trakiyskata a tomb Dam silken floss, Stara Planina and middle - Montenegro. View, which is breathtaking.

The building has a total free space of 300 + m2 allocated on 3 floors, two front, accessible from the street.
The structure of the building is entirely solid built brick and 100% external isolation. Fences and The flooring are made up of beautiful bulky boulders. The gates, carved banister and panel many other elements are made by hand iron.
The back door is with sliding iron gate to garazhnoto place, which holds 4 - 5 cars.
The court and Park are with total area around 1100 sq m, where there is a summer kitchen with stone counter, table and boxes, unique external fireplace and an oven for bread or barbecue and foreign stone taps. At the front of the yard there are two mini the pool, as one is suited for jacuzzi in the open. Built are irrigation and vodosabiratelni systems for rain and spring water, with which free of charge may rank to irrigated the garden with fertile trees (6 species plums, pommagrannet, apples, figs, the same, pears, vines, roses, Cypress trees, Japanese decador, Lipa, including poplar, alive hedges, unique commerce and pink flowers). Over the barbecue is made huge framework / overhang (to 50 sq m) to varieties of grapes and uvivni plants. Separately ogradenata a potager is completely environmental (100 % organic), treated without preparations chemicals or artificial fertilisers.

The house is of three floors:
- first floor: vestibule, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bath, room for steam, a big guest room with a separate bathroom and foreign warehouse.
- second floor: vestibule, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, storage room and 2 balconies.
- third floor: beautiful bedroom, two smaller premises and 2 large balconies.

Most of equipment is imported from America. Each room / wall is drawn professional, as the common painted area is over 1500 sq m.

This property is connected with electricity and water. Has the Internet and satellite TV and good mobile coating.

The house is with three entrances, which allows separate premises to be granted to rent of guests. This is a good business opportunity mean the numerous Bulgarian and foreign tourists who visit the area, because of the nature and many sites.

This property is suitable for calm family life. Good investment for a successful tourist business.
Price 99 000 €300 sq m   ( 3 229.2 sq ft ) O
+359/  0885458589
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