House, Pavel Banya, Bulgaria

House in excellent condition and 70 sq m yard in the village in municipality Paul bath, the main Balkan.
It consists of 4 rooms, basement 16 sq m, ceiling, a summer 26 sq m kitchen glazed corridor, living room and kitchen. Availability of telephone, cable TV.
807 sq m yard with farm buildings 80 sq m, taps, a well, pump, garage asthma, colour garden.

The village is at the foot of Stara Planina, in a national park "the main Balkan." nature is Virgin, air - crystal clear. Blooms edelweiss. Opportunity for ecotourism. Close is town Paul bath with mineral waters, the Koprinka dam to fisheries, town of Kazanlak with roses, river brood with Balkan trout, a beach and bathing in the river, a chapel with healthy water, chalet mermaid, chalet grieve, peak Botev and the main road Sofia - Burgas. From the village leaving tourist routes in several directions.
Interesting property among natural assets and only for
Price 16500 euro

Price 16 500 €70 nv2353
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