Office, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Luxury representative offices of 2 and 3 floor in solid built building in the city center of Plovdiv.
The premises may be used for: training centre, College, medical center
Home (SPA) for beauty law and notary firms, offices
With a different purpose, warehouses on luxury goods, etc.

The basement in the customshouse ..., parterat (the documents 1st floor), the fourth and fifth floor are already committed to rent.
The offices are three on Floor with areas 108.5 sq m, 61.65 sq m and 98 sq m.
The offices are representative, luxury with air conditioning, kitchen pens and its own bathrooms.
The main communication between floors - elevator and representative stairway.

The structure of the building's reinforced concrete, determined with columns and beams.
Extremely representative external facade of the building.
The building is on its own property with planning permission.

The price of the rental of business premises on floors is 5 €/sq m including VAT.
Price on application €1 809 sq m   ( 19 472.1 sq ft ) U
+359/  0889 613940; 032 262555
Important notice