Hotel, Varna-Sv,Konstantin I Elena, Bulgaria

view of the stadium
and of the sea

Chetirizvezdniyat hotel be located in the resort complex "Saints Constantine and Helena", 9 km north of Varna.
Hotel is built on 1000 sq m area and's with total construction 5460 sq m area.
Includes: basement room, ground floor and four hotel floor.
Supporting bed base
Hotel has 56 rooms and 6 apartamanta of which:
-52 double rooms view sea
-4 edenichni rooms view Park
-4 NNUMM apartments view Park
-2 NNUMM apartments view sea

Hotel has with elevator for 6, the Internet, a swimming pool for adults with 25 m length and pool for children, parking, restaurant, a nightclub, lobby bar, ramp for disabled users and pushchairs, parking lots for 38 cars.

Construction of the hotel ends in 2004 and since then function almost all year round. Has concluded contracts with tour operators, including for this year. Mainly holidaymakers from Germany and Russia. From last year the interest of Romanian tourists is constantly rising and increase applications them during all seasons and holiday dates. For that influence the unique nature and the sea, proximity to Varna and the presence of mineral waters.
There are prerequisites for functional development of the hotel with 100% target all year zapalnyaemost. About this will contribute::
- 1990s of the complex, with which will provide best winter heating of the building;
- construction extension of the hotel with another floor, for which there are project. The foundations and the structure of the building permit this. In the drilling of the land is established exclusive sustainability of the land. The building of a superstructure may occur residential apartments for sale.
- The power of the hotel with mineral water, which flows located 600 m from the building with a temperature of 44 degrees and part of her is inserted in neighbouring vacation building. There is agreement in principle of their superiors authorities (ministries) for authorisation for insertion of this water in the hotel. At this temperature of the water will drop with only 1°.
- equipment of the existing sector balneologia.

The resort complex "Saints Constantine and Helena" is one of the most attractive and attractive tourist centres on Bulgarian coast of. And it has an ancient glory. The construction starts in 1908 in the vicinity of the monastery "Saints Constantine and Helena Resort." of the territory of the complex there are numerous mineral baths, balneoloshki remedial centres, found pool with hot mineral water etc. Here mineral waters are known for their good healing properties.

According to tradition and legends the monastery "Saints Constantine and Helena" was built in 14 - 16 century. Group monks fled from Turkish raids and found shelter in the woods (today's resort). There they discovered icon of Saints Constantine and Helena and decided to build a small monastery near the source of healthy water - ayazmo, famous outside the Bulgarian lands. Buildings of the monastery were constructed from heavy lomen stone. It is reserved and to now, in good condition. And continues today to wear the glory of where force of ayazmoto. Lekovitata the water used for baptisms, vodosveti and worship. Every guest of the resort complex \ "Saints Constantine and Helena \" may visit and to light a candle in the Holy place of the Church of the monastery. He represents an exceptional interest and architecture and etnografska point of view.
The area around is saturated with historical monuments and carries the thrill of an ancient culture, existed in these lands.

Vacation in the hotel shall reimburse the health thanks to unique combination of mountain air, mineral sources and clean sea, of very foliage, soft sun and \ "Golden \" Sands ranging of kilometres in the Bay.
In close proximity are and daylight and night attractions of the marine capital Varna, of known in Europe complexes \ "Golden Sands \" and "Albena \".
A good investment with a great future return.
Price 4 980 000 €5 460 sq m   ( 58 771.4 sq ft ) U
+359/  0889 613940; 032 262555
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