Homestead, Smolyansko, Bulgaria

Farm is in Smolyanskia region of area of 95,866 decare (95 866 sq m), of which 2 decare (2000 sq m) property with planning permission (yard) with Stara residential outbuilding and destroyed by the time another. To them are old fruit ovoshki and stone taps with drinking water. The property is fitted with electricity.

Farm stretches from the foot of Rodopski massive, where is a river, to the top. In the territory of the property is rotated fields, pasture, broadleaves and coniferous trees in the agricultural land, brooks, reservoirs. From the two countries are natural borders - dereta.

In this massive during the first half of the last century acted homestead, part of buildings and now stand. Supplied is including drinking water. Around the House are other fruit trees of the then Park. Now that part of massif is property with planning permission. Families lived in the farm, have produced everything for their existence. Developed are, according to local residents, livestock and crop production. Knowing well the mountain, they are knewhow to take everything she gives them.
The exhibition of massif is South.
Communications to the property are very good. Asfaltoviyat road, who goes to the turn, well maintained throughout the year. In the area have free cheap labour.

Farm is in the land of municipality with center village of Banite - validated balneologichen resort. Closest big cities are Smolyan, Plovdiv and Kardzhali, with which has daily bus connections. The most short is the route of Plovdiv to the farm, through lucky and village of Manastir.

Land in the farm are with diversified landscapes. The groups earth stations are with a different way of long-term uses and are is shaped for more than century under the influence of targeted human activity. Reserved are the originals of documents for real estate deals from the farm and rich history.

Farm is fitted with electricity from transformer and drinking water - from the mains of the next village. Has and local water - bath (" vrisove "), one of which is" nepresahvasht ". Another from its sources is connected with a legend. It is said that local dalgoletnitsa is piella water only from this source, without wearing home.

Lower limit of the farm's up this time of year river.
Close to the most upper part of the farm reaches Polish time. About 100 m is the way of Plovdiv - Smolyan (in Zagrazhden) in which passes the route of the daily bus links with Plovdiv, Smolyan, Kurdjali and Haskovo. Acts a bus stop.
In the farm they are reared a variety of agricultural crops. Has conditions for cattle, beekeeping, bilkosabirane and other economic activities. Developed's fishing and the hunt of large wild game. In immediate neighbourhood the farm there is an active Dam (for trout).

The location and many sunny days during the year are favourable preconditions for the organisation of production of electricity from renewable energy sources.

Farm is a potential tourist destination in the framework of the European tourist itinerary "the path of Orpheus" - one of three route (" Antichniyat time of the wine "," the path of dionysus "and" the path of Orpheus "), which will coexist cultural and historical and natural treasures of municipalities in the southern the main area (Plovdiv and several municipalities in Bulgaria and Greece) for establishing the Common tourist product.

The route "the path of Orpheus" begins of Plovdiv the guidance Asenovgrad - Bachkovo and in the fork for village of Yugovo be divided into three branches:
"winter" branch - through village of Narechenski baths, Chepelare, Pamporovo, Smolyan, of Rudozem and continues in Greece to Belomorieto;
- "summer" branch 1 passes of 2 km to the farm - through lucky, village of Manastir, village of Davidkovo and village of Banite to Smolyan and continues in Greece;
- "summer" branch 2 passes in the immediate vicinity of the farm - through village of Belitsa (with opportunity to visit of Krastova woodland), village of Zagrazhden, village of Davidkovo, village of Banite, Smolyan, of Rudozem, village of Chepintsi and continues in Greece - Kavala and Thessaloniki.

The village by the farm's natural etnografski reservation of authentic traditional costumes, rodopski speech, food specialties, Crafts - takachestvo of halishta, guberi, kozyatsi and yambolki, and other traditional livelihoods. Of importance for the development of tourism is the proximity of balneologichnia resort bath, zaribenia mikroyazovir, stalking holding "Kormisosh" (one of the legendary places for hunting and fotolov in Europe, where tourists can see bears and other wild animals), the ski slopes Pamporovo and open around rock svetilishta of the Thracians and Thracian mogilni nekropoli. From the farm with a magnificent Panorama to the top of the southern Rodopi.

There are natural and cultural preconditions for the organisation of programmes for reduction of weight with diet feeding, talks, sports, inclusion in agricultural work in the farm, tourist travel around the diverse, zhivopisen and comprehensive landscape of the farm: close to the local "dashta" (tepavitsa), to mikroyazovira and neighbouring peaks (from certain see white sea) and cabins, to stalking holding "Kormisosh" and Krastova Montenegro, to the nearby villages with colourful rodopski Evenings, trips to balneologichnia resort bath or organisation of daily balneologichni procedures and other tourist products of the village, the mountainous and ecological tourism. Diversity, beauty and the uniqueness of the landscape are prerequisites for organising pleneri of artists and photographers.

Relefat is terasoviden, the exhibition, mostly south - west. In the upper part of the farm has plots suitable for courses, for sports of openly and heliport. Longmeadow by the river - 'the long Meadow ", for which there are written opinion of change of status issue, with frontage on the road and in the vicinity of the fishpond. The place is attractive for takeoff and for the residents of the nearby villages. For this is appropriate for the construction of complex of public - service and resort buildings.

Geographical determinants of the farm - massive of 96 decare with natural limits (dereta and river), the diversity of the landscape, environmentally clean area with a wonderful scenic view to neighbouring peaks and villages, the presence of water, electrification and year - round transport communications, are prerequisites for the implementation of exclusive project of contemporary amenities among many vegetation and expansión.

There are natural assets for the production of environmental food products - vegetable and animal, wanted on the European market.

Land in the composition of the farm are appropriate and for the construction of a tourist sites, holiday complexes, own estate, hunting centre, etc. Question of business fantasy, kosmopolitnostnost and drive.

A lucrative business investment with excellent opportunity for a quick return among Virgin nature - this is the farm.
Price 132 000 €23.71 acre   ( 96 000 sq m ) U
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