Holiday house, Ispania

Luxury holiday house of Costa blanca - south coast in Spain.
The villa's with three rooms and two baths. The living room is a big with American kitchen. There are also extensive entry Salon. To the options may be added air - conditioning and alarmennata system.
The court's with fruit trees, exotic vegetation and with pool, jacuzzi, barbecue and playground. Everything that contributes to palnotsennia comfiort. Has and garage, as part of the Villa.
There are and free plots.
The place is quietly and extremely good for all year and vacation residence and located at 4 - 5 km away from Torevizha (town with 150 000 inhabitants without the numerous tourists), caller of Alicante. In close proximity function sales force centres.
Here is located and solenoto lake, which is used for the abstraction of salt, for treatment of bone disease etc.

Of Costa blanca, 8 km away from Torenvizha, is sold and poluobzaveden one bedroom apartment of three floors with two closed balconies, near targovsia centre. Dwelling may be haunted seasonal and all year round. Price 135 euros
Price 430 000 €70 sq m   ( 753.5 sq ft ) U
+359/  0889 613940; 032 262555
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