Chalet, Teteven, Bulgaria

All year round working chalet 200 sq m, 1640 sq m plot next to hunt holding of 13 km away from town of Teteven.

The cabin has 5 rooms (17 beds): 1 double, 1 triple and 3 fourfold rooms.
At 1 - Villa floor is tavern - convenient for feeding, for conducting celebrations.
The kitchen is well - equipped and provide an opportunity for preparation of food on preliminary application, or by the guests.

The cabin's with digital television, central heating and barbecue in nature.

The cabin is a great place for different family and service celebrations: banquets, seminars, the team - building (construction of a team), green schools, family breaks, conduct of camps for adults and children.

The cabin is extremely vivid and readily accessible position in the vicinity of transport units.
The cabin's with a license and works year - round

At the moment to the cabin are grown and train saddle horses. This enables successfully to develop equestrian tourism:
Part - time ride lessons for all age groups and the transitions.

Organise and tourist routes on Eco paths to the historical fortress Chertigrad, to village of Cherni Vit, village of Golyam Izvor, Glozhenski monastery, depending on the season.
The location within hunting holding gives the opportunity property to be used as hunting chalet.

Price 33 235 €200 sq m   ( 2 152.8 sq ft ) U
+359/  0889 613940; 032 262555
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