Office, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The business centre opened on 28.11.2006.
For the past 6 years the building assert itself with image of business building of the highest class as technical performance, location and authority. Owners and tenants are banks, law and notary firms, financial institutions, consultancy firms, accounting houses etc.
The building's with elegant modern exterior, with extremely good location - in "the city center" of Plovdiv, to square "compound", historical and the archaeological museums, the Court of Auditors and prosecutors. The premises of the offices are situated from 3 to 6 floor.

Free areas to 01.02.2013 are:
* office 301 on floor 3 with 123.22 sq m area with price 555 euros per month.
* office 501 on floor 5 with 124.23 sq m area with price 559 euros per month.
* office 508 on floor 5 with 94.07 sq m area with a price of 423 euros a month.
(facilities for 301,501, 508: parking lot in the underground parking of the building in preferential price)

* office 602 on floor 6 with area of 33.06 m2 with a price of 280 euros a month.
* office 603 on floor 6 with area of 66.06 m2 with a price of 429 euros a month.
(facilities for 602,603: parking lot under preferential price)

Office 501 shall be offered for sale.

Note: the number of the parking lots is limited.
Extra: the fee for the management of the Common parts be included in the common contract price.
All prices are excluding VAT.

Summary information for business centre Plovdiv.

Business the building's administrative type class A with eight above - ground floor and an underground floor, which are connected with luxury lifts - brand OTIS. Has a central thermo - pumping wiring and conjunction with district heating (for spare heating). Any room with separate measuring instruments: heat meter, meter and water meter an which ensure payment of real used consumables by tenants.
The building is certified for energy efficiency category A.

Communications model: passive telecommunications infrastructure is category 5 E, with 20 - year - old gold guarantee of ADC KRONE - Germany.

The network to the building is ensured by optical and cable link. Hardware devices are of high tech class - telecommunications is the highest class of Panasonic, as last generation hybrid telephone system of a modular type. The active equipment - routers and switches are on the world leader Cisco. The proposed the Internet is of the type "broadband business Internet" very high quality.

The building's with a high degree of security, achieved by:
- the - clock physical security implemented by security firm with a solid reputation;
- complex by technical means, including 24 hours video surveillance.

Access by car: 2 big parking for about 400 cars located immediately behind the building. It is possible negotiation of a monthly subscription.
Management be carried out by specialised company 'business centre of Plovdiv "Ltd.

On the second floor is the restaurant "salt & pepper", which with its exclusive kitchen and refined not a traditional environment is preferred place of business lunches and Dinners from the business sphere of the city. The building's with an established image as location and credibility, as owners and tenants are banks, law and notary firms, financial institutions, consultancy firms, accounting houses etc.
We believe that our offer would represent a interest to you in order deployment of a new or moving of the already functioning office or representation.
Price 430 €66 sq m   ( 710.4 sq ft ) U
+359/  0889 613940; 032 262555
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