Photos, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

A hundred years from the first tour of model t of Henry Ford in Bulgaria.

Before 100 years cousins Methodius and Marin Laskovi and their driver Dimko Angelov organise tour in Bulgaria by Ford model t. She has lasted 22 days with route Sofia - Burgas - Sofia.

According to the documents preserved of those years, the tour caused great interest in all towns, through which is passed. Some called Ford model t "Hell machine," the vehicle was stopped by other to consider it and satisfy its curiosity, third it greeted with flowers in a solemn environment. Everywhere local newspapers are given descriptions of the vehicle and the benefit of it for Bulgaria. Many of Bulgarians then for the first time they saw car.

Later the same year similar tour shall be carried out and in Dobrogea.

Place the exhibition of cars - central square Plovdiv, 17 June 2011.
Price on application € O 3332
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