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The entire real estate property is of 420 square meters and is situated in the villa area of the village of Hvoyna which is exceptionally beautiful and peaceful place for relaxation. The beautiful nature is complemented by the mild and nice climate. The winder is mild with excellent ski conditions, the summer is cool and the autumn is warmer than the spring. The specialists have proved the positive effect of fresh air in the region in treatment of respiratory system diseases. The house is constructed on 3 levels with total constructed area of 248 square meters. The building is monolithic and faced with Balchishki stone that is obtained from the region of Varna and is characterized by its content of fossilized sea inhabitants. The roof is manually produced of galvanized sheet iron and every plate is octagon with diameter of 25 centimeters ( that is scarcely met in the region of the county since it is very time-consuming and expensive). The windows are traditional for the region made of wood with wood blinds that provide warmth in winter and coolness in summer.
The first floor is with two separate entrances and is unfurnished. It consists of a kitchen, antre, bedroom, living-room and sanitary center (bath-room and toilet that are completely equipped). The total area of the floor is 64 square meters and everything there is prepared for the phase of furnishing (the walls are plastered and painted; the floor is of granite-grease and with built-in floor heating).
The second and third floors are completely furnished in Rdpi style that is very cozy and reveals great part of the lifestyle and nature of the local people. They are connected by inner stairs of marble and wood-carving; there are empty space between them (air) that gives great height and space of the living-room. It is of 30 square meters of marble floor, in-built faced fireplace of Cyprus marble, living-room furniture, TV, telephone and stereo. The kitchen is equipped with electric oven, refrigerator and boiler for hot water. Directly to it, there is a small living-room with a table, sofa and chairs. On this floor there are two balconies, one of which is 10 square meters (with an opportunity for a table for 4-5 people and beautiful view to the yard of the house and to the village) and the other is of 4 square meters and both are with marble floor and wood-carving borders. There is a separate sanitary center on the floor. The total area of the floor is 92 square meters.
There are two bedrooms situated on the third floor that are completely furnished in Rodopi style. Their roofs are faced with wood. Each of the rooms has two big beds that are decorated with wood-carving. There is a separate sanitary center and bath-room with a bath on this floor. There is again a big balcony with the same location and area as on the second floor. The total area of the floor is 62 square meters.
The yard of the house is carefully planted with trees and shrubs and is maintained with area of around 300 square meters. Around the house and in the yard there are many beautiful decorative trees and bushes planted that are specially delivered by Nursery Center Kings Castle town of Krichim. The yard is on two levels that are connected with wide stairs of the traditional for the region stone called gneiss and there are nursery gardens around the stairs. There is a started construction of swimming-pool on two levels with the following sizes 3 x 8 meters that is at the present moment not finished but there is a water supply system of cold and hot water near it ( the swimming-pool needs to be faced and will be ready for operation). There is a separate construction in the yard of 18 square meters that can be used as a storehouse. On the above-mentioned building the garage is located that is of area of 18 square meters. There is a constructed penthouse in the yard which is suitable for storage of woods for the fire place and for a barbeque.
The house possesses alarm installation that in case of penetration dials three telephone numbers of the local Police Station, of one neighbor and of the owners. It operates and automatically charges but it has also built-in batteries that work 72 hours after its stopping. There is the opportunity for installation of cable television in the house (there is an office in the village that can install the cable television for 1-2 days).
The house is situated 20 kilometers away from Pamporovo-the biggest ski resort in Bulgaria. Pamporovo is 260 Km from Sofia and 85 Km from Plovdiv, Bulgarias second largest city.Plovdiv International Airport, which carries mainly charter and package holiday flights, is currently going through an expansion and will be ready to receive low cost carriers when open skies agreement comes in force on joining the EU. Pamporovo is a purpose-built modern ski resort and is the pearl of the beautiful, natural and legendary Rhodope Mountains (the cradle of the mythical singer Orpheus), making it a most inviting area in which to buy property in Bulgaria. The Rhodope Mountains are covered with magnificent pine forests, green meadows and mountain peaks bathed in sun. The gentle profile of the mountain with its rounded slopes and summits makes Pamporovo particularly suitable for beginners and expert skiers. The difficult ski runs are excellent exercise for every skiing - expert. Pamporovo features a giant slalom ski run as well. All ski runs are safeguarded and maintained to an excellent standard. More than 100 highly qualified ski instructors, fluent in several languages, to teach both beginners and advanced skiers. Emergency SKI PATROL service is available 24 hours a day. Pamporovo is also a very popular summer resort too, being marketed as a mountains-and-lakes resort, when guided walking and cycling tours are on offer, mountain bikes can be hired, and tennis courts, horse riding and hiking are all available. Opening of the new Bulgarian - Greek border (40 km from Pamporovo) by the end of 2005 will link the Pamporovo complex to the White Sea in 1 hour, greatly increasing tourist numbers. In February 2005, Pamporovo complex was voted and announced by the Bulgarian Parliament as a tourist area of National importance. This means that the nature will be preserved intact and very little residential construction will be allowed. Capital appreciation of apartments will be high over the coming two years with the price per sq.m. in 2007 projected to be well over EUR 1500 / sq.m.Here are some facts about Pamporovo:
- Altitude of the resort 1650 m. The highest point is Snejanka at 1926m.
- Snow 150-200 days per year with an average snow layer of 140-150 cm
- Climate Mild mountain, with strong influence from the Mediteranean
- The sunniest mountain resort in Europe with more than 200 sunny days per year
- One of the best ski-schools in Europe
- 17.5 km alpine tracks with various grades of difficulty
- There are 25 ski slopes including The Giant Slalom and The Wall for the most skilled, as well as 3 long-distance cross-country runs.
- 5 chair-lifts and 13 tows with total capacity 8500 people per hour
- Ski-kindergarden
- Full Ski equipment rental services
- As well as Skiing there is snowboarding, tobogganing, husky dog-sleds, and an unmissable ski show during the season
- Shopping areas
- Bowling alleys, clubs, bars and excellent restaurants.
The house is situated 10 kilometers away from the town of Chepelare - a resort town with population of 9 000 people. This is the town with the greatest height above sea in Bulgaria 1100 meters. During the recent several years the town has established its reputation as a leading resort center. The town everywhere is surrounded by beautiful century-old spruces and pine-trees forest and plains. At the end of the town, in direction to Pamporovo is the ski track Mechi Chal with rope two-seat line of capacity 800 people per hour. The length of the ski track is almost 6 kilometers - the longest ski track for ski competitions in Bulgaria. At the end of the lift, near Mechi Chal Peak (1873 meters) there are small draglifts that are suitable for beginner skiers and snowboarders. There is a track for ski running and biathlon. The only factory for ski and snowboards in the Balkans Oreon functions in the town. The company produces high-quality ski and snowboards that are sold in Western Europe and Japan.
The only museum of caves in Bulgaria is situated in Chepelare. There can be seen documents, photos, and rock formations from the Rodopi Karst. The museum is a real temple for the keen spelunkers.
The villa is situated 18 kilometers away from the resort complex Narechenski Bani that is one of the most visited resorts in South Bulgaria. The village of Narechenski Bani (population of 1210 people) is situated among the majestic pine-trees in Middle Rodopi Mountains of 620 660 meters above the sea level. It is 42 kilometers away in the south-east of Plovdiv and 23 kilometers away from Asenovgrad and 9 kilometers away from the village of Hvoyna. There is the picaresque river Chepelarska passing by.
Narechenski Bani is a balneological resort that is rich of mineral springs. It is characterized by mild mountain climate. Due to the cool mountain breeze, the summer is cool and nice, the winter is mild with many clear days and the autumn is warm and sunny. The mineral water has great salutary effect in the following cases: Prevention of functional disturbances and nervous system, Diseases of cardiovascular system, Urology diseases, Metabolic processes of organism, The specialists have proved the positive effect of Narechen mineral water on the stomach, internal organs, gall, respiratory organs and kidneys.
Other landmarks in the region:
- Bachkovski Monastery this is the second by size and importance monastery in Bulgaria. It was established in 1083. It is situated 8 kilometers away from Asenovgrad and 24 kilometers away from Hvoyna.
- Asenova Krepost that dates back from the time of Thracians. It is situated 2 kilometers away from Asenovgrad.
- Krastova Gora it is located on 1545 meters above the sea level . The length of the plain is 500 meters long and the width is 300 meters. Scientists look for the famous Dionisiy treasure in this region. It is situated 45 kilometers away from the house.
- International Fair Plovdiv the biggest fair in Europe. The fair town is the biggest in South-Eastern Europe the fair is situated on 360 000 square meters and has 24 multifunctional halls exhibition pavilions equipped with everything necessary for the exhibition of any kind of products. The exhibition area is of 95 00 square meters of which 60 000 square meters are covered. The fair is held two times per years and is greatly attended by Bulgarian and foreign producers.
- Asenovrad it is famous as the small Jerusalem and also as the Rodopi Saint Forest because there are 11 churches and 53 chapels. The town is surrounded by four monasteries.
- Chudnite Mostove - unique rock phenomenon that is situated 30 kilometers away in south-eastern direction.
Relics from the oldest road in Europe constructed by the Roman Emperor Tiberius
- Park of 35 decares with exceptional plant sorts.
- Persenk Peak situated 35 kilometers in south-eastern direction.
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